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6 Evidence-Based Benefits of Stinging Nettle

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

1. Urinary tract health Nettle may help flush harmful bacteria from the urinary tract. This can benefit people who have urinary conditions, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH causes an enlarged prostate gland in men. This can cause pain or other problems urinating. According to one 2013 studyTrusted Source, men with BPH who took nettle extract had fewer clinical symptoms than those who didn’t. Nettle may also help support any medications you’re taking for infections or conditions related to the urinary tract. Talk to your doctor first about any possible interactions between herbal remedies and medications you take.

2. Arthritis and pain Nettle has historically been used to treat pain and sore muscles, especially related to arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation suggests that nettle tea may also reduce the inflammation and pain association with osteoarthritis.

3. Blood sugar management Nettle has shown some promising effects on blood glucose levels. It may help the pancreas make or release more insulin, the hormone that lowers blood sugar. In a 2013 studyTrusted Source, nettle leaf extract lowered blood glucose and A1C in a group of people with type 2 diabetes who were taking insulin as well as oral diabetes medications.

4. The power of polyphenols Nettle is high in plant chemicals called polyphenols. A review of the research on polyphenols suggests that these powerful compounds may play a role in the prevention and management of chronic diseases related to inflammation, such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart disease. In particular, polyphenols from nettle extract have shown some exciting potential for treating breast cancerTrusted Source and prostate cancerTrusted Source. Plants like nettle also contain potent antioxidants, which are substances that protect the body from aging and cell damage.

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